Gigant Technology was established in 2013 to meet the needs of software, network, and technical support for public and private organizations. Our company carries out intensive work and keeps itself up to date to help governments, companies, and organizations use the latest and most modern technology and software to provide services with the quality of international standards. Gigant Technology aims to provide complete ICT solutions instead of providing a specific service. Gigant Technology as an IT, Software, and Network company is aware of the effect of information management systems that shape the future, we have focused more intensively on integrated information management systems, data processing, and data mining.

Gigant Technology provides the best ERP solutions that suit companies with all the required customizations needed to comply with the business and procedure plan of those companies. Gigant Technology is the only company in Iraq that provides a banking system with all its peripheral module requirements. Gigant Technology gives services to all hospitals, aims to reach international standards in the field of health information systems. Since its establishment, our company has been a pioneer and very powerful in the Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS). Its Corporate identity aims to create added value in the sector. Developing and improving technology also keep the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Gigant Technology offers the best software solutions and appliances for customers in line with recent technologies available on the market such as:

ERP Solution (Enterprise Resource Planning)
Accounting and Inventory Management
HR, Attendance and Payroll Systems
Custom Software and Website Development
HIS (Hospital Information System)
LIS (Laboratory Information System)
RIS (Radiology Information System & PACS)

Developing a successful mobile app is both ascience and an art. Many of our clients cometo us because they have a brilliant idea to addvalue to their customer base or company, butthey can’t quite translate it into a functioningapp. As a mobile app development company, welook forward to creating innovative app designswith our clients, and we have developed appsthat help them:

Our solutions include
E-commerce mobile application development
Mobile banking application development
Increase internal productivity
Collaborate remotely during work
Reach and add value to their consumer base
Reduce errors in numerous everyday activities

We have worked with some of the largestfirms and will use this experience to customize network services to your business’s needs. Oursolutions include:

Routing and switching
Security appliances and firewalls
WAN optimization
Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications
Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
Wireless services
Cisco consultation

Automation software is designed to be completely customizable and scalable. Let our expert team work with you to create a package that helps you achieve your business goals. Gigant Technology has worked with businesses of all sizes to help them meet their business needs. We’ll aid you in every step of the process, from designing your perfect software package to implementing it seamlessly in your workplace. We’ll even help you with the training, so your company can run at maximum efficiency. Our solutions include:

Custom ERP Solutions
Social Media Advertisement
Distributor Management System & Sales
Queue Management System
Software Platform & Industrial Automation

We build powerful brands and logos with a clear vision ofthe future. It begins with inspired insights that becomethe foundation of our work. Through advanced analytics,collaborative innovation, and creativity, we spark growthstrategies and help clients create imaginative experiencesthat delight customers.

Corporate Branding
Market research
Brand strategy
Name, tagline, and messaging
Logo and identity design
Brand launch and implementation
Consumer Branding
Concept design
Company design
Portfolio architecture
Product identity
Package design
Retail design

While we stress on fast, reliable, and flexible services that are seamlessly scalable to suit the customer’s requirements. We specialize in complete, client-specific solutions starting from design, to supply, modification, installation, and maintenance of new and existing systems with a prompt and cost-effective choice of alternatives such as:

Turnstile Gates
X-RAY Devices
Access Control Systems
Attendance Systems

Gigant Technology delivers both platformbased and custom banking software, manages its integration and deployment, and ensures support.

Core banking software
Integration with external modules
Mobile banking application
Custom report development
Custom dashboard development

Gigant provides variety of AI services with its expert staff in this sector. We have experience in this field for more than a decade. With our services you can boost your business and productivity by using our deep learning technologies and Data Science. Our services include:

Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition
Natural Language Processing
Sequencial Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics
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