(Hospital Information System)

Here in our country many Health Organizations is now working with Gigant solutions. Gigant Technology is the first company that provided HIS in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Gigant HIS, is an information system that offers the need for integration of administrative, medical and financial information for public hospitals and private Health Organizationstions, and increases the effectiveness of organizations and provides easy information integrity management.
Gigant HIS, with its high technology, reliable, flexible, manageable, fast and easy-to-use system structure meets the needs of all your organization information system. Gigant HIS; with its interfaces flexible, simple and understandable interface provides an easy way to use the system.
It is developed for N- Layer using Microsoft. Net, MS SQL Database and Web Technologies. Through its Module infrastructure quick respond to the changing user needs is very easy.
Data entry fields are updated according to Business rules to prevents users to input incomplete or incorrect information. Through its Automatic backup feature, it provides safety for all kinds of your data from data lose during system problems, fire, floods and other nature disasters.
It is capable to work parallel with Telephone call center, SMS, Internet,Kiosk and IVR appointment systems. It includes Radiology Image Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).
All reports can be grouped, redesigned by the user, transfered to the external environment (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, etc. ..) and all desired reports can be displayed graphically.
Effectively uses SMS technology, informes executive persons with summaries of statistics reports by SMS to mobile phones, as well as warns system responsible by SMS in case of system abnormal situations. Using web technologies, and reporting test results can be visualized and reported.
Through HL7 support , it can exchange data with other databases. With H2H (Hospital To Hospital) system facilities it can communicate, share information and transfer other patient records to other Health organizations.